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Andy Dick on NBC chat-session:

Host NBCshowhost: Andy Dick has entered the house!

Andy -- Loved you on the "Ben Stiller" show -- do you still keep in touch?

Andy Dick: Not with you. :-) I don't know you

Andy : Seriiously, but Ben, Bob, Janeane and I are good friends. I talk to Bob the most.

Andy -- How did it feel to be the son of Maxwell Smart and 99?

Andy Dick: It started out as such a great idea. And quickly spiraled into hell. :-)

Andy -- What's the story with Matthew's love life?

Andy Dick: He's a lesbian

Andy -- I loved you on the old Letterman show. What was he like to work with

Andy: His physical strength is quite impressive in person!

Andy Dick: Seriously, about Letterman...I was very excited to work with him.


Andy has a pitiful few pages mentioning him:

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