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      Janeane Garafalo - Tabitha Soren
      Bob Odenkirk - Ice Man McGee
      Andy Dick - Doug Szathkey

And now...Ben Stiller's Music News with Tabitha Soren!


This is a special music video update. The censorship battle over rap star Ice Man McGee's latest release is heating up. A Los Angeles man by the name of Doug Szathkey is protesting Ice Man's new hit single, "Kill Doug Szathkey." Mr. Szathkey, who happens to be Ice Man McGee's neighbor, claims the lyrics are disturbing and potentially dangerous, and called for a nationwide boycott.

We have received a special advanced copy of the decide...

 CUT TO : Music Video

[view: 2.5M Quicktime]
listen: 166k AIFF]

ICE MAN McGEE (rapping)

That's right, I said, kill Doug Szathkey. He makes me mad, G, frontin' on my posse. Tellin' me to keep it down and all that. Just a suckah steppin' on my balzac. Just a stupid neighbor complain'. Keep it up, I'll call the block association. The one that meets at the end of my fist. Huh! Little doggies gonna get kissed.

Cuttin' up my lawn, and scatterin' his clippings. You think I don't know where my yard begins? He lives on Springer Road, number 311. Sucker gets home every night around 7.

Kill Doug Szathkey. That's right, I said, kill Doug Szathkey.


CUT TO: Soren in studio.


Mr. Szathkey granted us an exclusive interview at his home in Los Angeles.

CUT TO: Home of Doug Szathkey.

Signs saying "Unfair to Doug Szathkey" lie in the living room.


What did I do? I know he has a right to say anything, but I'm gonna get killed here. I gotta move. This is not a good place for me to be right now. You should get out of here too.

Automatic gunfire sounds.

SZATHKEY (cont'd)

Oh God! Leave me alone!

CUT TO: Soren in studio.


Ice Man McGee held a press conference to respond to the charges.

CUT TO: Press Conference

Ice Man enters with his posse.


It's like I'm saying, it's just censorship, straight up. I would like to make it clear that when I said "Kill Doug Szathkey," I was using street terminology to describe a situation from my life. When you misinterpret my words, all ya'all dis me, you dis my fans, and you dis the United States Constitution. And that's a real crime.

Peace, we outta here.

CUT TO: Soren in studio.


McGee's record company has agreed to release the album with the following warning label:

Warning: Manufacturer does not condone the killing or in any way harming of Doug Szathkey, but instead wishes Doug a long, healthy and fulfilling life.

This has been a music video update, brought to you by Yummy Gummy auto parts, the auto parts shaped chewy candy with the burst of real fruit juice.


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