The Episodes

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In order of broadcast on Fox:
(Thanks David!)

1 - U2, The Early Years
2 - Bobcat Goldthwait
3 - James Doohan
4 - On Melrose Avenue
5 - Casey Kasem/Adam West
6 - Sarah Jessica Parker
- Rob Morrow
8 - Gary Shandling
9 - Flea
10 - Dennis Miller
11 - Name this Episode
12 - A Few Good Scouts

Only on Comedy Central:
13 - ZooTV at Night

More info to come...with expanded cast list, and corrected episodes. If you would like to add to the effort by transcribing skits or other worthwhile tasks, drop me a line!

Image = Image Transcript = Skit transcript

#1 - The Premiere

U2, the early years
Parody of Partridge Family

Image Stiller as Bono

Cape Munster
Parody of Cape Fear with Stiller reprising his SNL character of Eddie Munster

Ben's video diary
Stiller breaks up.

What is sexy?
Wilson Hose

U2 early years, part II.

Michael Pheret, agent
Guests: Rosanne and Tom Arnold, Gary Shadling

Image Stiller as Pheret

Last Stand of Yakov Smirnoff

What is sexy?
Wilson Hoe

#2 - with Bobcat Goldthwait

Melrose heights 90210-2402
The Fox teen-soap parody that inspired the wrath of Aaron Spelling.

Tonight Show Auditions
Guest: Todd Bridges


Advantage Aggasi

Stiller's video diary

Cops in Salem, Mass.


#3 - with James Doohan (Scotty)

Legends of Springsteen

Transcript Amish Studs

Transcript Interlude: Ben and Janeane

Michael Pheret, Talent Agency
Guest: RUN-DMC

Legends of Springsteen

Interlude: Ben & Bob

The Quest For Space
Extra: Alicia Ann - Bo
Extra: Anna Karin - Bim

Interlude: Stiller and James Doohan

What is sexy?
Wilson Post Hole Digger
Extra: Jeanne Tripplehorn - Wilson Post Woman

Scotty Fantasy

Image Guest: James Doohan
Scotty gives Ben his own Star Trek Uniform.

More Legends of Springsteen

#4 - On Melrose Avenue

Skank Goes Blind
Guest: Todd Bridges

Image Title graphic: Skank

Transcript Cops In Ancient Egypt

Interlude: Ben & Bob on Melrose

Transcript Ben Stiller's Music News

Low-Budget Tales of Cliched Horror

B-Minus Time Traveler

Pig Latin Lover

#5 - with Colin Quinn
(thanks Mitch Lutsky!)

Opening from train museum

Annoying guy bothers Casey Kasem in a restaurant

Interlude: Colin Quinn and Ben

Melrose Heights 90210-2402, part 1

Interlude: Ben and Janeane

Anti-drug lecture to schoolkids

Melrose Heights 90210-2402, part 2.

Interlude: Ben and Colin Quinn

Information 411 with Adam West

Interlude: Ending with Colin Quinn

#6 - with Sarah Jessica Parker

Transcript Oliver Stone Land

Transcript Interlude: Stiller and Garofalo

Pan America Salesman of the Year
John O'Donough as the salesman with verve.

Jake Steele Marrionette Cop

Transcript Blue & White Shampoo NEW!
You've got dandruff!

Bomb squad
How long can the clock tick before the bomb explodes?

Transcript Ask Manson NEW!


#7 - with Rob Morrow

Counting With Bruce Springsteen

Image Ben counts as Bruce.

Transcript Grady's Oats NEW!

Image Dana Gould as Ed Brimley

The Grungies

Image The Grungies title screen.

Stiller's Wheel of Filler - Jewish Fly Guys

Video diary

"Of Buildings and Women"
By Bob Odenkirk

Transcript Grady's Oats part II

The Grungies

#8 - with Gary Shandling

Hair Styling with Bruce
With Gary Coleman

Image Ben as Bruce the Barber

Woody Allen's Bride of Frankenstein

Image Ben as Frankenstein
Image Andy as Mummy Allen

Club Fredrick

Michael Pheret
Guest: Alex Karris, father from Webster

Cop Stories

Bad Twist Ending Theater


Ed's Clownwear

Image Stiller as Clown

America's Most Suspicious

ImageHost: Danny Bonneduce

The Pig Latin Ariety-Vay Ectacular-Spay

Image Stiller as the Spectacular Gallagos.

Image Interlude: Stiller with Shandling

#9 - with Flea
(thanks, Andrew Feldman!)

Opening interlude: Ben and Janeane

Mohican Master 2000 & Jazzercise with Wolves
Stiller as Daniel Day Lewis
Odenkirk as Kevin Costner

Interlude: with Flea and Flea's daughter on a basketball court

Die Hard 12: Die Hungry

The Let-Go Clinic with Tony Bobbins

Image Parody of Tony Robbins
Image Stiller as Bobbins
Image Stiller as Bobbins
Special appearances: David Cassidy, Gary Coleman, Mark DeClaro

Annoying guy meets Tattoo in a bar
Stiller as the annoying guy
Special appearance: Hervé Villechaize

Ask Manson


The Let-Go Clinic

Flea bests Ben at basketball

#10 - with Dennis Miller

Three Men and an Old Man
Parody of Three Men and a Baby

Image Stiller as Steve Guttenberg

"Manson" TV show
Parody of Lassie, with Charles Manson, played by Bob Odenkirk.

Image Show Title: Manson
Image Bob as Manson
Image Manson's Family

Cast call: Beethoven

Image Ben as Al Pacino

Poem (with Clowns)

America's Most Suspicious

Image Bob and Janeane as suspicious couple

Cast Call: Mighty Ducks

Tito Gallagos, the Pig Latin Lover

Image Stiller as Tito : "You Are So Eautiful-Bay"
Stiller as Tito

Image Interlude: with Dennis Miller

#11 - The Episode I've Never Seen
(thanks Mitch Lutsky!)

Relaxation Tape

Roundtable (including clips from Skank)

Ben, Janeane, and Andy on beach

Headslammers Ball

Andy Dick's Political Children's Theatre

Public TV Telethon

Andy as a Mime

Relaxation Tape #6

Bruce Springsteen makes an answering machine message tape.


#12 - A Few Good Scouts

A Few Good Scouts
Parody of a Few Good Men
Stiller doing his famed Tom Cruise impression

Cops In the Medieval Times

Music News

American Profiles

The Legend Of TJ O'Pootertoot

Grady's Oats

#13 The Lost Ben Stiller Show

Zoo TV At Night

Otto the Anti-Cupid

Kreepee Board

Michael Pheret, weasel agent
Guest: Howie Mandell

30 Second Conspiracy Theory

Jacques Cousteau in the recording studio

Zoo TV Late At Night

Leslie Chapman, actor/dancer/ zombie