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  The Ben Stiller Show  




The Stiller Show regularly managed to get guest appearances of stars of varied and sometimes dubious fame. This is only a partial list, based on references from the Internet Movie Database. Please send additional appearances to me to add to the list.

Tom Arnold
Himself, "Mike Pheret" skit
Todd Bridges
Himself, "Skank" and "Tonight Show casting" skit
Danny Bonneduce *
Himself, "America's Most Suspicious"
Gary Coleman
Himself, "Let Go Clinic" and "Bruce the Barber"
James Doohan *
 Himself, special guest
Micky Dolenz *
 Himself, Josh Goldsilver, "The Grungies"
Paul Dooley
Mr. Adult, "The Grungies"
Norman Fell
Himself, "Tonight Show casting"
Bob Goldthwait 
Himself, special guest
Casey Kasem
Himself, "Insistive Man" skit
Dave Madden
Reuben Kinkaid, "U2, the Early Years"
Dennis Miller *
Himself, special guest
Joseph Simmons
Run, in "Mike Pheret, agent"
Daryl McDaniels
Jason Mizell
Jam Master Jay
Rob Morrow
Himself, special guest
Taylor Negron
Head Terrorist, "Die Hard 12" 
Sarah Jessica Parker
Herself, special guest
Colin Quinn
Himself, special guest
Herself, in "Mike Pheret"
Garry Shandling *
Himself, special guest and in "Mike Pheret"
Hervé Villechaize *
Adam West
Himself,  host, "Information 411"


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