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John O'Donohue - Truly, the fifth Stiller cast member, O'Donohue appeared in numerous sketches, often as a police officer -- which in fact he had been in New York City. Since the Stiller Show, he has gone on to appear as a regular guest star on TV shows ranging from "Mad About You" to "NYPD Blue." Most recently, he could be seen in two movies simultaneously: Family Man and Lucky Numbers. He's also made cameos in both Stiller-directed films Reality Bites and Cable Guy.

Jeanne Tripplehorn - Ben Stiller's former (and then, more famous) girlfriend showed up in few sketches, including the Wilson Hardware commercials and The Grungies.

Dana Gould - Comedian and friend of several of the show's writers appears under heavy make-up as Ed Brimley for the "Grady's Oat's" commercial parodies.

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