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This is it -- the long-awaited writings of one Jenelle Riley, who took her love of The Ben Stiller Show to a new level: graduate school.

I have made minor typographical corrections to her original and re-ordered episode 12 to match the actual broadcast sequence. For those who want to read the document in its entirety, you can get the whole thing in HTML here.

The thesis has been broken up into sections for your on-line reading pleasure:




Episode Synopses/ Focus Group Ratings:

Episode 1: U2, The Early Years; Cape Munster, Ben's Video Diary; What is Sexy?; Michael Pheret; Last Stand of Yakov Smirnoff

Episode 2: Tom Cruise: Dress Casual; Melrose Heights; Tonight Show Auditions; Skank; Advantage Agassi; Stiller's Video Diary; Cops in Salem.

Episode 3: Legends of Springsteen; Amish Studs; Michael Pheret; The Quest for Space; What is Sexy? Scotty Fantasy.

Episode 4: Skank Goes Blind; Cops in Ancient Egypt; Music News; Low-Budget Tales of Cliched Horror; B-Minus Time Traveler; Pig Latin Lover.

Episode 10: Three Men and an Old Man; Manson; Cast Call: Beethoven; Ed's Clownwear; America's Most Suspcious; Pig Latin Ariety-Vay Ectacular-Spay.

Episode 11: Relaxation Tape No. 2; Rountable; Headslammer's Ball; Andy Dick's Political Children's Theatre; Public TV Telethon; Relaxation Tape No. 6.; Bruce Springsteen Makes an Answering Machine Tape.

Episode 12: A Few Good Scouts; Cops in Medieval Times; Music News; American Profiles; Legend of T.J. O'Pootertoot; Grady's Oats.



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